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My Cat Is a Jerk But She Loves Me

I got very sick yesterday evening. Ended up in hospital, where they decided it was either food poisoning or a virus so they sent me home.

I had been visiting my friend Kelli, so I said my goodbyes and went to QT for some apple juice and Gatorade. I drank the apple juice and took a nap in the parking lot. I was just worn out from being sick.

I fell asleep about midnight and woke up about 3 am. I’m surprised nobody bothered me, like the police. But okay, nap was good. I got home about 45 minutes later.

Of course by then I needed to throw up the apple juice, so I projectile vomited all over the living room. I didn’t even remember until my roommate asked me about the stain on the carpet. How embarrassing. I mean, I just left a huge mess and climbed onto the sofa to pass out. I feel like I ruined the living room.

But she was nice about it. I think she wanted to be mad, but I am a little puny still, so she just got out the disinfectant. I didn’t even think of it having a viral load. I feel like crap about it. Or I would, if I was feeling better.

All I’ve done today is sleep. I’d swear I was on the Disney channel, I’ve seen movies like Alice Through the Looking Glass, and Beauty and the Beast. Well I haven’t really seen them, I’ve slept through them.

So this is me whining. I want a little more sympathy for being sick than I’ve gotten, but there it is.

Now my cat, Charli, hasn’t left me alone since I came home. She doesn’t sleep with me, but she sat on the arm of the sofa and guarded me. She also knocked everything but the computer off the table, and I think the only reason she left she computer alone is she likes to lay on it. It must be warm. I’m just glad I had the lid on the Gatorade.

You know you need Gatorade when it tastes like water. Usually it tastes like sweat.

Charli has patted me on the face and asked for attention this afternoon. She seemed really concerned about me, as much as a cat can seem concerned about anything. Momo kitty has just appeared and it laying on the table now.

Reminder, this is a folding tray table that I set up to use my computer. The cats like to lay on it; I don’t know why. So they push everything off. I had thought it was an accident. You know, they lay down and spread out and happen to push things off.

But no.

Today I saw Charli target certain items, like the mouse, and just push them over the edge. This is the most cat-like thing I’ve ever seen her do. So I am annoyed yet charmed, the usual opinion of cat lovers, I’m sure.

So pet love trumps bending over to pick things up. I’m thinking of another nap and Momo wants attention. I hope to feel better in a couple of hours.

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So This Happened This Morning

At I-45 and Wintergreen

I didn’t sleep last night and felt like a breakfast sandwich this morning because food balances tiredness. When I left the house, I noticed an oily black cloud along the horizon. Now I live in a fairly industrial area with a lot of warehouses, so I figured the dump was burning tires.

QT is the nearest place to get a snack. I drove to the store and noticed a line of police cars blocking the road. Fortunately they let me get into the gas station. When I got out of my car, I noticed the fire on the median strip. Being tired, I thought maybe they were burning off the dead grass, as some places do.

I went into QT. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have the inexpensive breakfast sandwiches. They had the ones you could order from the counter, but I don’t want to pay $3.49 for something I can usually get for $1.59 so I didn’t get one. I did pick up a coffee for me, and hot dogs and cigarettes for my roommate. I went to the counter and paid.

I asked the young man at the register if he knew what had happened outside. He said no, and the lights went out. Yup, just that fast. I was the last customer that got served. I was glad I didn’t order a breakfast sandwich because there wouldn’t have been enough time to cook it.

I went outside and checked out the fire again. I noticed that it was a burning truck, and gawd only knows what happened for it to catch on fire. I have been alive 50 years and I have seen more vehicles on fire in the last 3 years than in the rest of my life all together. So I took a photo to share and went home.

And for my Yankee friends, the gas price you can’t quite make out is $1.99 per gallon for regular.