The 5 Tigers represent the big things in life. This blog is about facing them.

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I make no secret of the fact that I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I don’t just tell random strangers on the bus, but I’m not embarrassed about having it.

I would like to help other people with this difficulty to navigate their recovery process. I don’t have the resources for a degree at this time but fortunately there is a certification program that takes only a week for becoming a certified peer counselor. I could do that.

What is a peer counselor? It’s an advocate that helps other diagnosed individuals figure out their recovery. It’s a mentor – coach kind of situation. It is not a therapist, and it is not a doctor. It’s sort of like an AA sponsor.

The training will be in Dallas in April and I would like to take it. However it is $650 and I am between deployments so cash flow is an issue. They don’t have any scholarships available so that’s not an option. I have to come up with this money.

I figured, it would be worth checking out crowdfunding. I have some part of the funds, just not the whole thing. I don’t like to ask family or borrow from friends. But crowdfunding, now, that seems possible. Surely I know several people who can give some money towards this endeavor.

I have posted in a group on Facebook that I trust looking for reviews of different sites I could use. Indiegogo has already come up, and there’s Kickstarter and GoFundMe. I just have to figure out which one of the several choices is the best fit for me.

So, hive mind and dear readers, if you have any experiences or knowledge about this to share, feel free.

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So this blog, if you look at the past posts more than the recent ones, is mainly about keeping a good attitude and sharing it with other people.  It’s also about speaking my truth, which is why there are so many depressing things lately:  that is what my life is like.  AND it is about the idea that, my struggles are common to human beings.  If I can solve them, then what I learn may be useful to other human beings, so let me share my experiences.

To that end, I registered the domain name Kiss5Tigers.

When I did that a year ago, I had a job so the small fee was affordable.

Nowadays, with unemployment run out and welfare still debating whether I qualify, I can’t justify the cost.  That is, how can I spend money on registering a domain when I no longer have jeans that are wearable and my daughter likes to eat on a regular basis?  There are more urgent places to spend my money.

But I believe this blog has the potential to be important.  At least, it is important to me!

Therefore, I have opened an Indiegogo project.  If you like my blog or if you believe in supporting people who are trying to make a difference, please check it out and consider a small donation.  If you don’t have any spare cash (and a lot of us don’t!), at least spread the word.

I’m going to go have my morning coffee, and here is the link: