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The Conversations We Have

This is going to be the first Friday of the month and Infliction has a $5 cover charge, so a group of us is going. Infliction is a BDSM club, so it will be quite an interesting night. No link to this one, I’m afraid.

You can tell, I’m not a prude. I’m not having sex in public (who am I kidding, I’m not having sex in private either) but I like the atmosphere. People are just plain body positive. They wear anything, and if you feel good in it, you’re good.

Last time I was there, I ran into my friend J. J is a cross dresser. He’s straight, so he’s not a transsexual. He has a girlfriend, although I haven’t met her. She won’t go to clubs like that so he goes alone. I don’t know if I could be in a relationship with someone that I couldn’t share my whole life with. But it seems to be working for them, so who am I?

Anyway, J was wearing a fabulous red dress and his good falsies, and it was fun to see him. I just don’t expect to find people I know from other venues (comic cons and renaissance faires) at the club.

This will be the second time I’ve been to the club. I’m not looking for anything, just good people watching.

I am thinking of inviting my friend T, just because he needs to get out. He could bring his latest conquest, or I suppose B. She’s a baby submissive. She might be interested in seeing the scene.

So tonight’s discussion around the house, roommates and I, is what you get out of the event. For me, it’s just to get out and go someplace I’m accepted in spite of not being pretty. For L, it seems to be the eye candy. For F, it’s about the exchange of energy.

There is a member of the group who has a foot fetish, and he is offering to give foot rubs to all the ladies. Another member is a little, not a diaper infant although we’ve seen those, but she has a youngster persona. I don’t find that sexy, but I guess someone does.

For me, I think I come across as a top but I am not. I want a man who is a stronger person than I am. I am a queen, but I want a king not a boy toy. I don’t get my jollies being in charge. And I don’t mean a jerk, I mean an alpha. Very few of those, however, and they prefer the hot chick, which I am not.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great person, I’m just not hot, and I’m mostly fine with it. Or I’d be doing something about it, yanno? I mean, I could work out or something but I don’t. I could make changes to my body, but there are other things I want to do with my time, so that goes by the wayside.

Anyway, we are coming up on my birthday so I am counting this as a birthday outing. We are going for pancakes afterward, so I’m gonna make them sing “Happy Birthday” to me.

After all, if you can’t get a group of perverts to sing to you for your birthday, what’s the point? And yes, I guess I’m a pervert too. It’s what makes life interesting. Just another way I’m neurodivergent, I suppose.

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Wonderettes and Prime

Went to the Ennis Public Theater with my roommates. A friend of ours is in a musical called The Marvelous Wonderettes and we were privileged to watch the dress rehearsal. It was a fun night out and the actresses all seemed to enjoy themselves. I mean, it’s community theater, you don’t expect lavish productions and Broadway quality acting. It was as good as any high school play I’ve ever seen and the cast had fun. That’s what I go for. It was a good time.

When I got home, one of the dogs had chewed the padding off my headphones. These are not earbuds but the old fashioned kind of over-the-ear headphones. They keep me from getting too much outside noise when I’m listening, and my content doesn’t disturb the roommates. Because I usually work in the living room with the people around, that’s why. So I went to Amazon to replace them. Of course the same ones were out of stock with no information about when they’d be available again, so I had to order a different pair.

Then I started to think about free shipping. If I spend a certain amount of money, I get free shipping. So I ordered a book called The War of Art and some Dresden trim and Diamond Glaze for making collages. Then I added a data cord for a digital camera I was gifted. Totaled it all up and figured I’d better stop spending. Went to check out and was offered the free 2 day shipping option so I took it.

Well of course it wasn’t because I spent enough — I did, but with different vendors — so it comes with a free trial of Prime. I hope I like their video offerings because I don’t really order that much from Amazon. Of course I can always cancel later if it doesn’t work out.

My new book Ephemera arrived from Uppercase today. I love ephemera. I even love the word. And this book is actually about ephemera itself, not artists who work with it, so it makes my little heart happy.

I also got a batch of postcards that I had made from a picture I took. If you want one, contact me and we’ll figure it out. If you follow the link and email me, be sure to let me know you want a postcard so I don’t ignore you. I get a LOT of junk email, a wicked lot.

Tomorrow is breakfast with the roommates and a support group meeting. I really need those support groups, they give my day structure. I strongly recommend peer support groups as part of a wellness plan. And that’s for everybody! Mine happen to be mental health related, but even a Bible study group or a meet-up gathering provides support and community. Support comes from any number of places.

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Firehouse Gypsy

I went to the Firehouse Theatre with a friend of mine last night and saw a production of Gypsy.  The theater itself is a converted firehouse.  We had fun trying to figure out what the original parts of the structure were.  They give you a blanket when you come in, because the air conditioning is so powerful and it gets very cold in there.  I was glad for the lap blanket.

“Gypsy” is the story of how Gypsy Rose Lee found her career.  If you know musical theater at all, this is the one that gave us “Let Me Entertain You” and “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”.  Gypsy was a famous strip tease artist back in the day, working burlesque halls.  The story centers on her mother, though.  And it is heartbreaking.  The mother is not a likable character and yet, by the end, I really felt for her.  It was good casting too, the actress was totally believable in the part.  The actress playing Gypsy had a very Dita von Teese vibe, which is understandable when you know that Gypsy is one of Dita’s influences.

There were a few technical problems with sound so I can’t give it the highest marks, but I would say a solid 8..5.

Firehouse Theatre

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Friday Night

I took Friday off work to go to the theatre with a friend.  Barb had originally bought the tickets to go with her great niece last Christmas, but the show got cancelled.  Then the niece moved to Mississippi.  Barb wrote the tickets off but she got an email from out of the blue that they were going to honor the tickets.

The performance was called AirPlay, and it is two performers, well, playing with air.  Think Cirque du Soleil but geared for children.  It was charming and funny.  Apparently the performers have their roots in street shows so it was very audience interactive.  Here is the link for the troop, if you’re interested in knowing more:

Besides the show, the young people who attended really interested me.  They were pretty well behaved as a group.  My heart did go out to one young lady who was about 11 years old.  She was at the age where you want to look cute but you still want to play.  She had gone with looking cute and she was very careful about her clothes and shoes, but she tried to play with the other kids in her group too.  She couldn’t run and was clearly frustrated.  And I can’t help wondering why it is that the things that make women beautiful are also the things that cripple us.  We are so busy looking cute that we lose the option of running with our friends.

There was also a young boy with a frisbee.  He was throwing it up in the air and catching it and of course it got caught in a tree.  He was seriously bummed.  After a few minutes, he took of his sneaker and began throwing it into the tree to try to jar the frisbee loose.  I kept thinking, he’s going to lose the sneaker next.  Finally a middle aged man walked over, followed by an older man.  I thought, here come dad and grandpa to tell him not to risk the shoe. I was wrong.  They stopped a few feet away and began pointing and discussing.  I couldn’t hear them, but I could imagine them saying, “Throw it just a little more to the left, no harder, like that but hit that little branch there” and other encouraging things.  And I thought, this is the difference between men and women.  A woman would have written off the frisbee and said told the boy, that’s what you get for acting like that.  Men bond over problem solving.