The 5 Tigers represent the big things in life. This blog is about facing them.

Current Project

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Blue Flower

This is the project I was drawing flowers for. I really like the blue. I am not sure about 2 things: first of all, the adhesive. I might have to try something else but I don’t know what. Most glues are water based and I”m concerned it would blur the painted image. The second thing is, I wonder if I should attempt to age the watercolor paper. It looks pretty darn white, But that does make the flower pop, so? For now I’m calling it finished, we’ll see what happens.

Author: Allison Leonard / Kiss5Tigers

I like sci-fi movies, and I noticed that I like the noir ones best. They are almost universally set in a sort of post-apocalyptic dystopia. I later realized, I find them comforting and familiar, probably because I live there, at least in my inner life. Perhaps things are not as bleak as they seem, or perhaps I am simply learning to keep a better attitude. This is the chronicle of my adventures. May you find something valuable here.

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