The 5 Tigers represent the big things in life. This blog is about facing them.


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July will be a busy month for me.

I have a birthday trip with my daughter July 10 – 14.  It’s her 21st birthday and she wanted to go to Las Vegas.  She invited me to go with her.  Her dad was supposed to take her but he passed away about 18 months ago so it’s down to me.  Hotel and airfare are already covered, just the actual trip expenses are all that’s left.

Here’s her GoFundMe page, if you’re feeling generous:

Then I am dog sitting for my cousin, twice.  July 2 -10, and 14 – 23.  The fact that they are home during the 4 days I need off seems like a sign that this was meant to be.

I will be out of my room for 3 weeks in a row.  I’m trying to decide what I need to bring.  I don’t want to bring too much but I feel like I need some books or art supplies not just clothes.  Computer of course.  Of course my cousins are in education so they probably have books.  And school will have started by then so I’ll have homework to do.

Busy month, but I hope in a good way.

Author: Allison Leonard / Kiss5Tigers

I like sci-fi movies, and I noticed that I like the noir ones best. They are almost universally set in a sort of post-apocalyptic dystopia. I later realized, I find them comforting and familiar, probably because I live there, at least in my inner life. Perhaps things are not as bleak as they seem, or perhaps I am simply learning to keep a better attitude. This is the chronicle of my adventures. May you find something valuable here.

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