The 5 Tigers represent the big things in life. This blog is about facing them.

Hi, Dad.

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Last night I dreamed that I visited my dad. He passed away in 1984 so he isn’t a big part of my life any more. In fact, I seldom think of him. In the dream, I wanted to paint my nails which were red so I borrowed some polish remover. While I was deciding which color to use, my dad asked me to paint his toe nails. I offered to do them in black but he wanted purple. So dream dad has purple toenails.

I did a little research. Painting toenails in a dream has to do with feeling good about noticing your strengths. Black represents seriousness, power and authority, Purple is the color of creativity and wisdom, as well as the crown chakra which has to do with spirituality. Father represents the ability to make choices, determining right from wrong, and conscience. Basically, my conscience told me to pick purple over black.

What I take from this is I should choose creativity and wisdom over power, and I should give in to my sense of whimsy from time to time.

Author: Allison Leonard / Kiss5Tigers

I like sci-fi movies, and I noticed that I like the noir ones best. They are almost universally set in a sort of post-apocalyptic dystopia. I later realized, I find them comforting and familiar, probably because I live there, at least in my inner life. Perhaps things are not as bleak as they seem, or perhaps I am simply learning to keep a better attitude. This is the chronicle of my adventures. May you find something valuable here.

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