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Therapy and Religion

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I had therapy yesterday. It was the first time in, what, a year? that my therapist got all-out Christiany on me. And I’m not actually happy about it.

I don’t want to hear that good mental health is biblical. Given, for example, King Saul, insanity is also biblical. God is supposed to meet us where we are and that includes the downside as well as the upside. I’m not always convinced that biblical is healthy. I’m trying for healthy here, God and I can work out the rest. I’m a bad Catholic, but I’m still a Catholic and I know my God is big enough and his arm is not too short.


The thing is, I don’t go to therapy for spiritual guidance, I go for therapy. I have other resources for spiritual guidance if I feel like that’s the area of difficulty. Again, I’m Catholic. We have whole cadres of folks who’d be happy to give me some guidance if I ask, not to mention retreat houses and seminars. None of which are therapy.

They are not therapists; she is not a spiritual counselor.

Clarification: she is a counselor who is spiritual, but she is not the person I consult for faith crises.

I don’t need her to be a pastor, I need her to be a therapist.

I believe that good art, good science and good religion all point to truth. I also believe that good therapy, good philosophy and good spirituality all point to a healthy life, but I don’t believe they are the same thing.

I guess I am one of those people who likes things separate.

And I guess I’ll have to bring that up to my therapist. (See? First world problems.)

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I like sci-fi movies, and I noticed that I like the noir ones best. They are almost universally set in a sort of post-apocalyptic dystopia. I later realized, I find them comforting and familiar, probably because I live there, at least in my inner life. Perhaps things are not as bleak as they seem, or perhaps I am simply learning to keep a better attitude. This is the chronicle of my adventures. May you find something valuable here.

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